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EPCM Solutions is a proactive, customer-focused engineering company. We service a broad range of industries assisting our customers in constructing and maintaining fit-for-purpose installations.

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The integrity of a facility's electrical safety systems directly affects the risk of personal injury to workers at the site caused by electrical hazards.  Regular audits are required of procedures and equipment to ensure that systems of work remain practical and safe; assessing the impact of change in operations or equipment and the degradation of equipment over time on the ability of the safety system to function as needed.

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At EPCM Solutions, our engineering services focus on practical designs for real-world applications.  We aim to have the appropriate level of specification for equipment and installation methods to suit each individual installation.  As part of our QMS, we carry out design reviews to ensure that the customer is receiving an optimal design service

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    EPCM Solutions is a construction engineering
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